Oregon Sports Photos Photography by John Lariviere


Oregon State Soccer Produces Potential #1 MLS Pick

When I read an article on OregonLive about Oregon State's Danny Mwanga being a potential #1 draft pick in the Major Soccer League SuperDraft, I took particular interest in the story.  You see, I played my last year of college eligibility at OSU and then coached the team for three years back in the '80s.  The team has come a long way sense then, and has developed a lot of talented players over the years.  After OSU, I coached a fair amount of youth soccer in the Portland area and was proud to see some of my past players end up playing on the Beavers' squad.

Last Spring I shot a scrimmage match between the OSU Varsity Team and a team of OSU alumni players played at Pacific University in Forest Grove to support the Banks Youth Soccer Club.  This was the first time I saw Danny play; needless to say, I was quite impressed with his skill and commanding presence on the pitch.  It's great to see a player of excellent quality and character have the potential to move on to the next level.  And it's not so bad that he was a product of my alma mater.