Oregon Sports Photos Photography by John Lariviere


Let’s Hear It for the Boys

So I am shooting hoops at Beaverton High School...the Beavs versus Jesuit.  The student section is decked out in a sea of orange as the night included a big fund raising effort for Make-a-Wish Foundation and, in part, Reser's Fine Foods donated food that was being sold and bucket loads of Reser's orange t-shirts.  Since Reser's is a major supporter of the Oregon State Beavers, as in Reser Stadium, I could see how they might have a few extra orange t-shirts laying around.  The atmosphere was more electric than your usual Friday night game.  I just assumed it all had to do with the Beav's long standing rivalry with Jesuit, the excitement around the Make-a-Wish fund raising efforts or perhaps the magic that a few hundred donated orange t-shirts could do for student spirit.

Alas, it was when half-time came around when I understood why the energy was at such a peak level.  The announcer started to introduce the half-time entertainment.  As he started, the female students began screaming widely....it was like a 1960's Beatles concert.  The noise was deafening.  What was all the excitement about?  Enter the "Rhythm Boys."  For over 50 years the Beaverton High Rhythm Bees have performed precision dance routines at basketball games and numerous other events.  The Rhythm Bees are a time honored tradition at the school...and have always been an all female squad.  So, as I soon found out, the "Rhythm Boys" is an annual tribute that the BHS guys pay to the ladies and, at the same time, lift the school spirit up several notches.

Dressed in horrendously ridiculous self-designed costumes, the boys put on a great show.  Their routine was surprisingly well rehearsed and fairly complex.  I was amazed at how most of the lads stayed very much in character despite the over-the-top screaming coming from the crowd.  The whole routine was hilariously funny and the boys put their all into it.  Of course, the execution of the dance moves left lots to be desired, but no one was caring about that.

As fans cheer them on, the "Rhythm Boys" perform at half-time of the Beaverton vs Jesuit game.

"Rhythm Boys" dancers give it their all during their half-time routine to the delight of screaming, adoring fans.

The "Rhythm Boys" do their best to stay in synch during their precision routine.

Members of the BHS "Rhythm Boys" high-kick-it to the can-can.

After completing their routine, members of the "Rhythm Boys" and the BHS student body watch the guinine article perform...the BHS Rhythm Bees.


Oregon State Soccer Produces Potential #1 MLS Pick

When I read an article on OregonLive about Oregon State's Danny Mwanga being a potential #1 draft pick in the Major Soccer League SuperDraft, I took particular interest in the story.  You see, I played my last year of college eligibility at OSU and then coached the team for three years back in the '80s.  The team has come a long way sense then, and has developed a lot of talented players over the years.  After OSU, I coached a fair amount of youth soccer in the Portland area and was proud to see some of my past players end up playing on the Beavers' squad.

Last Spring I shot a scrimmage match between the OSU Varsity Team and a team of OSU alumni players played at Pacific University in Forest Grove to support the Banks Youth Soccer Club.  This was the first time I saw Danny play; needless to say, I was quite impressed with his skill and commanding presence on the pitch.  It's great to see a player of excellent quality and character have the potential to move on to the next level.  And it's not so bad that he was a product of my alma mater.