Photos from the Fall 2006 OSAA basketball playoffs
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Westview vs Klamath Union Varsity Basketball

Westview 73 - Klamath Union 53 
Derek Cowles (24) of Westview goes airborne for the reverse lay-up against Klamath Union's Danial Landrum (1) and Seth Hughes (23) in the waning moments of Westview's second round playoff victory.  Photo © John Lariviere
Hoop Heaven - It's Playoff Time
Oregon's own version of March Madness kicks off this week with the OSAA Basketball Championships.  The girls tournament will be held in the Chiles Center on the University of Portland Campus, and the boys will be at "The Pit"...McArther Court at the University of Oregon in Eugene.  The Metro League will be sending the defending state girls champion, Southridge High School, which looks like a strong possibility to repeat.  For the boys, defending state champion, Jesuit High School, will definitely have their work cut out for themselves as Lake Oswego and South Medford are pegged as the tournament favorites.  This update includes games from the final weeks of the season and early playoff match-ups.
Westview vs Jesuit Varsity Basketball

Westview 59 - Jesuit 57  Greg Shepard (34) of Westview gets some help from the backboard to block a fourth quarter layup attempt by Jesuit’s Chris Gram.  Photo © John Lariviere

Westview 59 - Jesuit 57  Jesuit leading scorer, Seth Tarver, drives through the Westview defense on his way to drop in two of his 19 points.  Photo © John Lariviere

Westview vs Jesuit Varsity Basketball (halftime exhibition)

Liam Cassidy of the Westview Wildcats 6th grade basketball league thrills the Westview High School gymnasium crowd as he pump-fakes and flies by his defender, then scoops in a shot for two points as part of a half-time exhibition scrimmage during the Westview-Jesuit game.  Photo © John Lariviere

Aloha vs McMinnville Playoff Basketball
Aloha 45 - McMinnville 39  It's a fourth quarter scramble against Aloha's Clay Martin (23) and Mark Stotts (44), and McMinnville's Chad Jones (22) and Brady Martin (14).  Photo © John Lariviere
Metro League Basketball
Westview vs Hillsboro Varsity Basketball

Westview 80 - Hillsboro 72  Steve Harris (10) of Hillsboro lays up against Westview's Andy Poling.  Harris finished the night with 11 points.  Photo © John Lariviere

Westview 80 - Hillsboro 72  Andrew Jones of Westview hits the afterburners as he turns to the baseline against Hillsboro's Chris Gweth.  Photo © John Lariviere

Westview 80 - Hillsboro 72  Andy Poling (54) of Westview brushes off the Hillsboro defense to lay up two of his game-high 32 points.  Photo © John Lariviere

Sunset vs Glencoe Girls Playoff Basketball

Sunset 52 - Glencoe 39  Sunset's Katie Schrage (4) drives against Glencoe's Alex Pitts in the first quarter of 4A girls sub-tournament play.  Photo © John Lariviere for the Valley Times

Sunset 52 - Glencoe 39  Sunset's Crissy Watts hits a baseline jumper in the first quarter.  Photo © John Lariviere for the Valley Times
Metro League Basketball
Aloha vs McMinnville Playoff Basketball

Aloha 45 - McMinnville 39  Brady Martin (15) of McMinnville drives glides for two of his 15 points Aloha's Clay Martin.  Photo © John Lariviere

Aloha 45 - McMinnville 39  Matthew Heady (5) of McMinnville tosses up an off-ballance shot against Michael Boswell (left) and Gabe Nevills (12) of Aloha.  Photo © John Lariviere

Southridge vs Crater Girls Playoff Basketball
Southridge 67 - Crater 26  Mallory Goldammer keeps her eyes focused on the ball as she applies patented Southridge forecourt pressure against Crater's Emily Brookins.  Photo © John Lariviere

Southridge 67 - Crater 26  Kelly Vega of Southridge fights off a challenge for a rebound against Crater's Andi Bagdan (left) and Amanda Haas (right).  Photo © John Lariviere

Southridge 67 - Crater 26  It's a dead end for Southridge's Brittany Snyder as Alana Harding (55) and Amanda Haas (behind) puts a stop to her drive to the hoop.  Photo © John Lariviere
Metro League Basketball
Jesuit vs Hillsboro Playoff Basketball

Jesuit 77 - Hillsboro 60  Seth Tarver (15) of Jesuit attempts to put the slam on Hillsboro's Steve Harris, but Harris will have none of it.  He rejected Tarver's dunk attempt at the rim, but was called for a hotly disputed foul.  Photo © John Lariviere

Jesuit 77 - Hillsboro 60  Seth Tarver (15) finishes up a baseline drive, slipping in two of his 22 points.  Photo © John Lariviere

Jesuit 77 - Hillsboro 60  Ross Kelley (12) of Jesuit extends around Hillsboro's Steve Harris (10) as he drives the lane.  Photo © John Lariviere
Hillsboro vs Glencoe Varsity Basketball
Hillsboro 95 - Glencoe 41  Hillsboro guard Miguel Cervantes scoops a shot between the defensive arches of Glencoe’s Matt Valley (32) and Kevan Acker (50) during his team’s 95-41 victory over the visiting Crimson Tide. Photo © John Lariviere
Hillsboro 95 - Glencoe 41  Glencoe freshman guard David Aguilar (34) slips past Hillsboro’s Reggie Guyton (20) for a layup during his team’s 95-41 loss to the Metro League second place Spartans.  Photo © John Lariviere

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